Seamill Hydro Hotel - HN7 Satin Bronze

Seamill Hydro is a luxury Hotel & Spa and is proudly one of the most popular family hotels in Ayrshire and the stunning Firth Pavilion is one of the most popular wedding venues.The client required a product with both form & function, that would complement the high-quality finish of the other furnishings and décor within the hotel. There was a real emphasis on ensuring that the nosings matched the ornate balustrades and thick brown carpet which Morleys were more than happy to accommodate.

The HN7 was utilised due to the deep bullnose requirements of the Victorian staircase. The 52mm internal drop ensures the bullnose is fully covered by the nosing. The heavy-duty range’s gauge minimises the chance of trips by matching the thickness of the carpeting. One staircase on this job also employed the NT1 naptrim, which is clipped to the back of the nosing to clamp down thicker carpets that may exceed the gauge of the nosing.

The Beige Insert provided an adequate contrast to the dark brown carpet, whilst still maintaining the colour scheme of the hotel and complying with all Building Regulations and British Standards relating to slip resistance. 

Our range of premium finishes allowed the client to implement a safety feature on the staircase without compromising on style. Satin Bronze was chosen as it complemented the new dark brown carpet and picturesque balustrades. It is possible to match the nosings and metalwork using powder-coating, but on this project the anodised finish was perfect.

Morleys' nosings look perfectly at home in the luxury surroundings. Both staircases beautifully bookend the entrance to the hugely popular Firth Pavilion, creating a majestic backdrop and ideal photo opportunity for wedding guests.